Mindset: A Practical Application of the Principles

Last time we talked about mindset being the true difference-maker when it comes to being successful in business  – or not. And we identified the correct, entrepreneurial mindset as being a combination of determination & ingenuity.  But what are the practical, day-to-day ways to apply this mindset?

It boils down to 2 factors that drive our daily activities: “focus” & “consistency”. “Focus” is simply doing the things that will drive your business forward. “Consistency” is committing those actions to a routine – doing them repetitively. In the case of internet marketing, Matt Lloyd says you need to present an offer to 3 people/day to be successful.

Admittedly, this is much easier said than done – especially when starting out. Samith Pich covered this in his course, MOBE Fast Track for Newbies. He introduced the concept of the weekly schedule that balances time spent on the business  – allowing for commitments for family time & either employed work time or volunteer commitments. I’ve created a weekly calendar for myself that I explain in this video ===> click here.

I can’t say that I follow this weekly calendar strictly, but I’m kidding myself if I think I can succeed in business without adhering to these concepts most of the time. “Life” [those little daily roadblocks that occur] will always tend to get in the way. But adjusting the business time allocation by moving the blocks around is what’s necessary for “focus” & “commitment”.

All the best to you. I believe in you.


Why do some people success in business while others don’t?

Do you think it’s capital? Could it be some kind of unique knowledge?

Actually, it’s neither…it’s an intangible called “mindset”. Yes, mindset is what sets the successful business person apart from all the rest.

What is mindset, really? It’s a combination of determination & ingenuity that overcomes any obstacle, any challenge, anything that stands in the way of the person achieving that goal.

Suppose lack of money is the challenge…the person with the proper mindset will look at the challenge as an opportunity to overcome. He or she will look at his interests & skills & determine how to apply them in the marketplace, by providing a service.

Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE, mowed lawns & cleaned houses to earn enough to get started in business.

I believe in you. I know you can get it done.

Google Profits: A step by step system for making a living online!

Google Profits is a very well written step by step system for making a living online, complete with screen shots. Google Profits explains in a very straightforward and easy to understand way, what an affiliate program is and how to use one to profit as well as what Pay Per Click advertising, ClickBank, and Google AdWords are and how to use them to make money daily on the internet.
Google Profits explains how to market affiliate products from ClickBank utilizing a five step formula for success:
1. Find a product
2. Set up an advertising campaign
3. Identify profitable campaigns
4. Start a full campaign
5. Expand (make more money)
The writing is not technical, and all the concepts and steps are thoroughly explained. This is fantastic ebook book for those beginners trying to get into the world of making a living online and will also be extremely useful for intermediate online marketers who are not currently utilizing Google’s AdWords program. I found myself becoming extremely enthusiastic and excited half way though, If you truly want to get started online with affiliate marketing, it doesn’t get any simpler than Google Profits

Time Is Everything

Time is wealth; Time is health; Time is power; Time is strength.
Time is the essence of life, Time is everything, But time is nothing without proper planning.
Its just the wastage of time And God never forgives those who waste their time.
All influential people, All important people, All successful people, Have one thing in common -they all value their time.
For them, Time is everything!
Do you value your time and the time of others?