Some Interesting Thoughts on Wealth & Its Distribution

I read an interesting fact the other day – that we’ve heard a lot about recently in the current political environment.

There’s 7.2 billion people living today, with a combined wealth of about $241 Trillion dollars.

If you took those 7.2 billion people, lined them up from the very poorest of the poor on one side, to the richest of the rich on the other side, the top 85 would have has much as the rest of the population combined.

Isn’t it that amazing?

Some people think this is unfair, and that rich individuals should redistribute some of their wealth back to the rest.

Rather, I’m more interested in knowing is how these 85 super-rich individuals got to be in that position.

Sure, some of them may have inherited large sums of money; there’s not much I want to learn from them.

But the ones who made their billions from scratch – who built their empires from the ground up – those are the people I’m interested in studying.

The one thing they all have in common is they did not create their wealth through trading time for money.

Instead, they created and leveraged scalable systems, which bought in their wealth for them (even while they were sleeping).

So there’s a hint for you.

What scalable system are you leveraging right now to create wealth?

If you’re still trading time for money [as in a job or a small business you operate yourself], then by now you’ve figured out that’s never going to make you rich. Or, at the least – if you have a comfortable amount of money, you likely won’t be able to take the time to enjoy it.

Here’s a scalable system which potentially can give you that perfect combination of time & money:

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Make Every Moment Count

“Not a moment to lose” is the motto of Patrick O’Brian’s hero, Capt Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy, in the “Aubrey/Maturin” series of novels. “Lucky Jack” Aubrey commanded a sailing frigate in the wars against France around 1800.

He had to deal with twice-daily ocean tides & the unpredictable winds when executing his missions. Time wasted before sailing could jeopardize the mission if they missed a tide – consequently, once Aubrey decided to sail, they had to start the process right now.

Matt Lloyd makes the same point in his latest video, “Ask Matt Lloyd #398”, but he takes it one step further – get into a habit of doing the productive things & it will pay you big dividends down the road.

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That is very good advice – it has 2 main components: focus & consistency.

If we identify the important, money-earning things in the business & apply them consistently, good things will happen.

Like Capt Aubrey, we will “catch the tide” to success.

How To Leverage Your Leisure Time to Help Your Business

If we broadly categorized the time that we spend each day, doing whatever it is that we do, we’d come up with two main buckets.
On the one hand, we have the time that we spend at work. These are our productive hours, doing something that will presumably generate some income for us. In the most traditional sense, that’s a job. In a context more relevant to this space, it could be updating our blog or working on our affiliate marketing campaigns. That’s work.
Taking up the rest of the hours of the day, not including sleep or household chores, would be what we could generally call leisure time. This is the time that we might spend watching TV, playing video games or enjoying a cup of coffee at the local cafe. This is the time that we might be giving your brain a break.
Is it a Zero Sum Game?
When you go in with the mentality of seeking a healthy work-life balance in this situation, you make the assumption that one must come at the expense of the other. When we’re working, we’re sacrificing leisure time. When we’re relaxing, we’re sacrificing the opportunity to put in more work. Or are we?

Can we work even when we’re not working? Thanks to the nature of the dot com lifestyle, we have the opportunity to “work” wherever and whenever we like. We can get stuff done while waiting for the car to be serviced or while waiting for our spouse to finish shopping at the mall.
But that’s still “work” in a very real sense of the word. These are still tasks and activities that we would normally be doing when we’re in a proper “work” mode, except we’re in a different location at a different time.
It’s not pure leisure anymore, even if the kind of productive work that we do gives us some sense of inherent satisfaction and pleasure. We might enjoy writing blog posts… but it’s still work. We might like editing photos or tinkering with numbers… but it’s still work.
A World of Possibility
What I’m suggesting today isn’t quite the same thing. In fact, it’s quite different altogether. The most famous and most insightful of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers mostly led a life of leisure. They didn’t have to do much real “work,” since their basic needs were already being met.

delicate archesB
This allowed them pursue and explore other interests. They could simply sit upon a hill and overlook the rest of the city, thinking about life’s great questions. In a modern context, this could be equivalent taking a hike along a local trail or hiking to a vantage point like the one shown to the left.
But how can we use this in a productive way? How can this help us move closer to our goals of achieving the dot com lifestyle and increasing the income that we generate on the Internet? Again, we can turn back to our Greek and Roman friends for the answer. When we are focused too heavily on the specific “work” tasks at hand, we don’t give our mind an opportunity to wander. Those times – when our mind is free and open that we have the best chance of being struck by truly novel inspiration.
Why do we tend to come up with the best ideas while in the shower or while lying in bed? It’s because, for those few minutes, we are unburdened by our normal responsibilities. We have the privilege of free association. For some, meditation can achieve a similar effect.
Whatever it is that we do, we should never forget the power of proper leisure time. It could be the biggest factor in getting us over that hump and onto the next level.

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Your Personal ATM

Picture this…

You’re at the game, between innings & you realize you need some gear.

No problem – you see a handy ATM.

You withdraw some cash & buy that jersey you want.

But then, you notice something…

The ATM slip shows there’s MORE money in your account than

“How is that possible?”

It’s not physics & it’s not voodoo. [Click here to find out how that happens.]

The fact is, when your business is growing, adding 5, 10,
up to 25, team members each week……your bank slips show it.

No matter how much stuff you buy, your summer-fun fund continues to grow, courtesy of your business.

Just like it should be.

You didn’t start your business just to “cover costs”, “break even” or “invest in the future.”

You had big visions of something else……like a personal ATM.

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You’re going places.