A Little Bit About Me

ourfamily1Likes –  Cheri & l have a deep love of dogs & of travel – especially road travel.  We have had 6 dogs over the years, including our current pups, Mack & Molly – 2 scottish terriers. We also have taken some memorable road trips over the years – mostly involving the US National Parks.  That accounts for the FEATURES page on the website.

Physical – about 5’ 11” tall, 230# [and getting smaller – yea], gray hair & full beard, likes to dress in what would be considered preppy clothes, although jeans & shorts are perfectly OK for casual wear along with knitted golf shirts.

History –had a lower middle class upbringing in a conservative family run by the mother. Went to small college in western Pennsylvania, got a BA in Accounting in 4 years, and belonged to a social fraternity.

Family – grew up with 2 younger brothers, a mother & father. Wedded to a wonderful woman for 45 years, have a married daughter & son-in-law.

Work – started with PriceWaterhouse, a public accounting firm out of college.  Took 9 months off in the 1st year to satisfy the basic training portion of a military obligation.  Left after 4 years for a position as an internal auditor, switched companies, became an internal audit manager & was transferred to Houston, Texas.  Left them & became an oil & gas joint venture auditor for several years during a recession in the early 80’s, then became a contract revenue accountant for a major oil company.  Laid off from them in 1990 & was hired by Anadarko Petroleum, where I worked for 18 ½ years as happy as a clam – installing business systems & other liaison work.  Retired from them in July 2008.

Dreams & Hopes – feel a calling to serve others in various ways as a retired person. I’ve volunteered since 2008 at the USO Center in Houston’s Intercontinental Airport – offering a comfortable lounge for military personnel & their families connecting through the airport.  I’ve provided transport for dogs being rescued from local shelters & municipal pounds that are in danger of euthanasia. I serve 2 senior veterans with my wife at our church in the 2nd Family Program, providing regular companionship & logistical support to the individual.