Common Pitfalls & Ways to Avoid Them

The Common Pitfall

Like most affiliate marketers, I was very excited after completing the 21-steps of MOBE qualification. I stretched as much as I could & got positioned in the business & then took portions of the Traffic Masters Academy course.  My mistake was to focus on traffic generation before I really knew what I was doing.

A good friend once told me when discussing a similar situation: “It’s like a dog chasing a school bus. He could catch it, but then what would he do with it?”  

That was my mistake in a nutshell. I spent a bunch of money on paid traffic, I got a lot of opt-ins [without actually realizing what they were] & very few sales. Then my list went dormant.

I had a vague notion that I should try to keep in touch with the people who had responded:

  • I used my personal email account sporadically with little success.
  • I tried phoning them if I had phone numbers.

But, I had no organized system to do this.

The Solution

A Facebook contact explained that I needed to have 3 things to do the affiliate business like the top earners do:

  1. Personalized sales funnels
  2. An autoresponder account
  3. A personal website [blog]

I stumbled on for several months after getting this information, until I saw a promotion for “MOBE Fast Track for Newbies” by Samith Pich click here.  This course covers how to create personalized sales funnels & autoresponder sequences & has been the beginning of the turn-around for me in the business.

I got onto a webinar by Samith & eventually became one of his coaching students. That truly is the secret to success in the business – aside [of course] from the dedication to put what’s taught & suggested into massive, consistent action.

20151007_140742 (1)Again, if you’re struggling with the business in any way, complete the 21-steps, then contact me to talk about a personalized coaching program, using the following methods in order of preference:

  1. Email:
  2. Skype: bobtx2us

All the best for a very bright future,

Bob Wilson