Scottish “Terrors” – cute for a reason

mack1This is Mack.  He rescued us on July 31, 2009.  He’s a pedigreed scottie & was originally given as a gift.  Giving pets as gifts is never a good idea, because of the personal & financial responsibilities that come with the pet.  Mack’s original owner [a single man] accepted him but apparently never really bonded with him. As a result, Mack didn’t enjoy a typical puppy-hood with lots of love, acceptance & training. He was very shy when we got him – it took almost an hour to lure him into the house.  The good news is he’s improved considerably but still is not overly or outwardly affectionate.  He loves to run in the back yard & chase anything that moves.  Squirrels, cats, possums, etc. are very much at risk.  Cats are also on the endangered list. Mack is a combination color that is fairly common in the breed called “brindle” – a mixture of black & brown individual hairs.  The effect is a gradual change of colors, rather than “blotches” of different colors like spaniels or hounds.


IMG_2368This is Molly.  She rescued us one day in 2010 that I was visiting the rescue location to pick up some food for Mack.  I saw her being held about 50 feet away from me – it was love at 1st sight.  She was & still is very affectionate.  She gives very sloppy “doggy kisses” & will go to anyone she sees who gives her the slightest bit of encouragement.  She is a “wheaten” scottie – about 10% of the breed.  She was picked up in Pasadena, Texas as a stray.


M&M5th bday

They got along great from their very 1st meeting.  Molly was in the backyard, Mack sniffed her & that was it!  She came right into the house, assumed the role of “alpha” & has been running the house ever since. Her biological clock tells us when to get up, when to feed them, when to walk them. etc.  The twice-a-year time change doesn’t bother her at all.