Website Creation

If you need a website for your business or personal use, I’ll build it in WordPress to your specifications.  I want to be your resource:

  • to increase your online exposure,
  • to increase the number of phone calls you get &
  • to grow your business.

After a free consultation to go over the objectives, gather the information & agree on the price, I’ll create the text, photos & layout. We’ll meet again to get your signoff on the finished product.

I will help you get a registered domain name & webhost account at a reasonable expense before starting.

I will also maintain the site for you for an additional monthly fee.

Email me at to start a discussion.

I accept PayPal for payments click here .


“I am saying an enormous thank you to Bob’s training. I am so grateful for his help. Bob, I did not know you before but I am so impressed with your commitment to help so many reach their highest potential and live fuller, free-er lives. . As a result of Bob’s training, I learn how to make a website for my Business. Bob is becoming his dream and sharing what he has learned and helping others. So here I am. Along with almost every other creative person I know. Trying to figure it out as we go along. It was not easy, but with Bob’s help, it made it easier. “Thank You, Bob”.
Teresa Schroth “T”