What scotties do………

Scotties have all sorts of interesting habits:

  • barking – neighbors love them.
  • digging – fresh flowers beds are wonderful!
  • chasing anything that moves [squirrels, cats, possums, even skunks – yuk]!!
  • scratching
  • sniffing

Here’s what the American Kennel Club [AKC] says about them:

The Scottish Terrier is best recognized for its distinctive profile of protruding eyebrows, beard, short hair across the back and fuller coat around the legs. The coat is traditionally black, but is also found in brindle or wheaten colors as well.

Like all terriers, Scotties can be of an independent nature and as a result, difficult to train. They are diggers by nature, so don’t expect otherwise! Scotties thrive on positive reinforcement, and are fiercely loyal. Their playful nature makes for a great family pet and companion.

If you want to learn even more, visit The AKC website.